Re: Why do so many people try to beat up on Einstein's work?

Tom Potter (
21 Oct 1995 23:31:58 GMT

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Henningsen) writes:
> (Tom Potter) wrote on 20.10.95 in
>> >:| . . . my PHYSICST.ZIP Windows-based, hypertext,
>> >:|physics tutorial . . . . can be
>> >:|downloaded from many FTP sites around the world.
>> Let me know what you think of it, good or bad,
>> or if you have any suggestion on how it can be improved.
>Do a version for people that don't have Windoze. If you want to keep
>hypertext, use either GNU info or HTML, both of which are portable
over a
>wide range of systems (including, I think, Windoze - at least HTML can
>displayed using any Windoze web browser, but I believe that there
>also be an info port).
>As to contents, until you do this, I won't be able to comment - my
>is a Windoze-free zone.

There is an older DOS version of the program called PHYSICSX.ZIP.
It can be downloaded from America-on-Line and is on many educational
and shareware CDROM's. I might have uploaded it to a couple of FTP
sites, but I am not sure. I think it is on CompuServe also. If you or a
friend have a few shareware CDROM's laying around, see if PHYSICST is
on one.

Both PHYSICST.ZIP and PHYSICSX.ZIP develop unique property charts which
show the interrelationships between the physical properties
graphically. PHYSICSX stresses distance (X), while PHYSICST stresses
time (T). As I really believe that the most fundamental property is
really cycles ( Or BITs of information. ), perhaps I should write a

I have considered writing an HTML version of PHYSICST, as most WEB
browsers today can "click" on images.

What I plan to do is develop the property chart from the simplist,
fundamental assumptions such as "what is" and "what is not".

I could knock off this project in a week or so if I had a little
motivation. If someone will put me in touch with a good, stable, active
WEB site, I'll get to work on it.

Thanks for you interest.