Re: Strangelove & other Metric tales

Joshua Hesse (
19 Oct 1995 15:38:21 GMT

JPorterEMond ( wrote:
: >Months?
: >three weeks is more like it.

: I take it that you mean years. As long as I have been lurking this group.
: This thread or a varient has been hashed to death. I started lurking here
: sometime in 92. I was off for a better part of 94. When I returned The
: same threads were still active.

Oh, ok.
I assumed (wrongly) that this thread had started in alt.folklore.computers,
like "Why Metric(was..." had.
Given the all-encompassing threads that have started here( remember The
Longest Thread Ever[tm]? (Its still around)) that seemed like a reasonable
What group are you in anyways?