Michael Stafford (
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 16:15:23 GMT

Indiana until defeated by "Mad Dog" Anthoney Wayne; signed Treaty of
Greenville in 1795. They (or part of them) were finally forced to
emigrate from Indiana to Kansas in 1846. Half of the tribe (mostly the
part which had already married whites) stayed in Indiana
(Richardville, Godfroy, Lafontaine, Hunt, Rivarre, DuCharme, Beaubien,
etc.) while the others went to Kansas where they remained until the
early 1870's when they were again forced to emigrate, this time to

The second emigration to OK consisted of only 16 adults and there
children for a total of around 80 persons; many of the tribed elected
to remain in Kansas, where the government gave them some money and
their land plots in exchange for their becoming US citizens and
severing all legal ties with the tribe.

I've been working for the past 6 years on reconstructing the genealogy
of the entire tribe back to 1846, the year before emigration, so that
they present day Eastern and Western tribes can see who their common
ancestors are. Over 2000 names in the database, most of them from the
1800's. Would love to hear from anyone who knows or thinks that they
may be descended from any portion of the tribe.

If you are looking knowledge of Indian ancestry, you must be able to
provide a name from 1854-1895 as that is the time period best