Re: Solving Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

Markus Kuhn (
19 Oct 1995 12:10:36 +0100 (Joseph Francis Nebus) writes:

> Might I suggest, that as this thread has dragged on now since
>roughly three months before the O.J. Simpson trial started at the end of
>the Mesozoic era, and it has attracted enough loonies arguing for the
>Imperial system and enough rational folks arguing for Metrics, that it
>deserves to be given its very own special little newsgroup where the
>entire krunking debate may be taken, put into a neat little package,
>and ideally lost in the dresser somewhere?

Just read the manual of your news reader and add the thread which
annoys you to your local kill file. That's why kill files have been
invented for news readers. The problem of annoying news threads has
been solved a decade ago by kill files!

> Thank you.

You're welcome.


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