Re: Why do so many people try to beat up on Einstein's work?

Ken Parker (
19 Oct 1995 19:53:28 GMT


>> On top
>>of all this, we know it will *still* be insufficient, because no one
>>learns anything by being told the answer. I have written many replies
>>which state that the poster should not only "read a book", but "take
>>some physics courses", or even "get a degree", because the poster knew
>>not what he was undertaking.

A simple explanation will satisfy most people if information is all they are
interested in - i.e. they don't want to actually *do* anything with the information.

The problem arises when someone wishes to argue a point or a theory - with
partial information they are deadly! At this point, to prove or explain their error,
a more in-depth understanding of the subject is required - then they should read a
book and/or take classes and/or get a degree.

Ken Parker