Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

Andrew Cooke (
18 Oct 1995 13:38:40 GMT

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Kevin Anthony Scaldeferri <> wrote:
>Sunday Sun Sun works
>Monday Moon Moon also works
>Tues Mars ??
>Weds Mercury Odin This one doesn't seems to
>Thurs Jupiter Thor same
>Fri Venus Frigga(?) I don't know
>Sat Saturn ??

friday is named after the wife of odin, freia, if i remember
correctly. something to do with norse mythology(?).

tuesday is `martes' in spanish, which looks like mars. could
the english be from the end of this?! friday in spanish is
`viernes' which looks more like venus. wednesday is miercoles
which checks with mercury. again, like friday, this seems to
be connected with norse legends in english - was odin also
called woden?


monday - lunes - moon
tuesday - martes - mars
wednedsay - miercoles - mercury
thursday - jueves - ? (maybe jovian - jupiter)
friday - viernes - venus
saturday - sabado - saturn
sunday - domino - looks like the catholic church got in here... :-)

(are those all roman names for gods? spanish does have some
greek words, but they tend to be unusual)

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