Re: Anthropology and Religion

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Wed, 18 Oct 1995 10:31:43 GMT

: going to heaven? If doing something virtuous for someone meant that one would
: burn in hell forever and doing something of vice such as raping someone
: caused one to be rewarded with a gold crown in paradise would it not be
: better and braver to choose to go to hell?. Don't respond with something

In Judaism and Christianity that moral can of worms has already been
openned. If you were Abraham and Jehovah told you to sacrafice your
son, what would you do? In the gospels, people are told to break their
family ties and duties if they conflict with the gospels.

Many people past and present have set aside morality to do what they
believe is a god's will. For example, many in the KKK regard themselves
devout christians, and that god wants them to keep their race pure.
(Whatever race might mean.)

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