Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

Dave Fischer (
Wed, 18 Oct 95 19:23:29 EDT

Shez <> writes:

>I think the fact that pi is normally taken to be 3.14159etcetc shows there
>must be something wrong with our circles.
>In ancient times, builders of megalithic stone circles used to flatten the
>shape slightly to so as to give a value of pi=3 (BTW this bit is not a troll!).
>Now that everyone has abandoned compasses and uses drawing programs instead
>it should be easy enough to have functions that draw circles in a manner
>that gives an integer ratio of circumference to diameter.

The surface of our humble earth can be treated as two-dimensional curved
space - which is why mapping can be such a bitch. As such, the value of
pi is actually dependant on the ratio between your circle and the size of
the sphere you're crawling on.

For this particular planet, construct a perfect circle with a radius of
2075 miles, and measure the circumference. You will find that pi = 3.0.

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