Re: Leeches (Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

Julian Fitzherbert (
17 Oct 1995 13:16:06 GMT

In article <45gtv8$>, (Illtud Daniel) writes:
>>Hmm, didn't doctors used to use leeches for healing once? I'm glad they
>>stopped doing that!
>No they haven't. There's a leech farm in South Wales which is doing
>very nicely thanks.

A bit off geology but what the heck - its science. They use leeches to keep
the blood flowing. I beleive this is particularly important when reattaching
sawn off fingers and the like. Apparently maggots also have a modern medical
use. Yuckity Yuk Yuk but it all works. And now back to geology with apologies
to those who just lost their lunch :)