Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

Alan Braggins (
Tue, 17 Oct 1995 13:42:35 GMT

In article <45t10u$> (Robert A. Uhl) writes:
> Also, Fahrenheit degrees go from 0 (freezing point of alcohol) to
> 100 (supposed ave. human body temp.). Good ol' fahrenheit was of by
> 1.4 for the body temp. so we are all at 98.6. Oh well. Every child
> learns 32 = freezing and 98.6 = good. I actually used the freezing
> point of alcohol last winter; I have a fridge in my then-uninsulated
> garage which held a lot of beer. My mother was worried that'd it all
> freeze. But, since the odds of <0 temps. are low, I was able to tell
> her not to worry. The Imperial system works again!

Not only is beer a long way from pure alcohol (ever heard of
freeze-distilling?), Fahrenheit defined 0 as the freezing point of a
water and salt mix, not of alcohol.

Meanwhile, in other posts you have shown: the inability to tell the
difference between an area and a volume (though that might have just
been a typo) or a torque and a pressure, the inability to convert from
km/h to mph, difficulty with understanding large numbers, ignorance of
horsepower definition, difficulty with map scales, and claimed that
you have only ever converted between inches and feet in maths class.
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I have difficulty believing that someone could demonstrate this level
of cluelessness without realising that they are not helping their side
of the argument, but equal difficulty in believing that someone would
be prepared to fake this level of cluelessness in an extended
troll. Which is it?