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Geoffrey Graham (
17 Oct 1995 06:05:55 GMT

Here Here!

Why do so many people seem to get so irritated whenever people talk about
the societies which created the monuments and other remains which
archaeologists excavate and investigate?

What is the whole point of archaeology in the first place, if not to
attempt to understand the societies of the past, and how people thought,
what they believed, how they lived and made life for themselves. There
could be nothing more "Anthropological" than the sudy of the remains of
man and his debris! If you are not interested in these kinds of things
then why not read some science/technology newsgroup!

Archaeology is a meeting of two separate ways of thinking: the hands-on
type of personality comes together with the abstract thinker. You cannot
be a terribly good archaeologist if you only develope one of these two
traits. It is good to discuss culture as an important component in the
science of man.

Just my humble opinion, Geof
Geoffrey Graham <>
Benjamin H Diebold ( wrote:
: On 12 Oct 1995, Michael Nakis wrote:

: > The responses I received were from... archaeologists rather than
: > anthropologists!
: >

: Without putting too fine a point on it, archaeologists (at least in the
: United States) ARE anthropologists. Archaeology is one of the four
: subfields of anthropology, along with linguistic, socio-cultural, and
: physical anthropology.I am studying archaeology in an anthropology
: department, and, like most archaeologists, do quite a bit of reading in
: larger anthropological theory.

: Ben