hekatologos 2035

Martin Helick (rmhelick@telerama.lm.com)
15 Oct 1995 20:24:13 -0400

2035 Mol gort is na mol geamhar. (Praise to the field, not to
the seedlings)

Birth is a magnificent thing, yet even more magnificent is the
silent, dark fecundity of the womb. A similar fecundity underlies
all that we feel, think or do, undefinable by the intellect and
obstinately capricious to our sense of what is human or bestial,
fair or unfair, true or false. And so a dilemna. To extol this
relationship is to court barbarism; to humanize it is to fall into
what might be called the Renaissance fallacy. A wonderous work
indeed is man, and man himself may be the most important measure
of his acts. But to leave it at that is to leave out the most in-
teresting part of the story: by what strange force were we thrust
out the slime and by what dark passion are we returned there?
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