Re: Moslems in the arctic

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15 Oct 1995 23:36:26 GMT

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>Should I conclude that you don't uh.. like arabs?
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Not at all, I have many very close relationships with arabs. Most of
those whom I have described here subscribe to attitudes and values
which the next generation of Saudis are unlikely to support with the
same degree of zeal, despite the political fanaticism of their prince.

One of the bedouins with whom I stayed in the desert gave me a tape
of Arabic rock and roll from Egypt. Many of the lines were bilingual
arabic and english but it was the skirling drive of the music which
made the biggest impression on me.

One of the lines was:

"Do you wear the hoop, the hoop, the hoop...?"
"Do you wear the hoop?"

Macdonalds, pepsi, coke and four wheel drive jeeps going parking in the dunes.