Re: Why not 13 months?

Michael Moroney (
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 02:29:28 GMT

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> >> Actually,both versions are in use. In some European languages names of
> >> the days are notderived from names of planets,as they are mostly in
> >> English (Monday - Moon-day, Sunday obvious, Saturday - Saturn- day etc)
> >
> >Three out of seven doesn't count as "mostly". The other four days of
> >the week in English are named after Teutonic gods.
> Hold 0n, people- stop- think for a minute- where did the names of the planets
> come from?- OK, carry on.

Well, of the 3 "planets" involved in weekday names, one is named after a
Roman god and the other 2 are from English names for those celestial objects,
and weren't associated with any gods as far as I know. The other 4 are, as
Cindy stated, are Teutonic gods with no planetary association.