Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

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17 Oct 1995 19:20:47 +0100

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>Chris Marriott <> wrote:
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>>>DaveHatunen <> wrote:
>>>Oh, things like this bottle of shampoo I have in my shower right
>>>now, I'd presume. Made in the US, it proudly sports Imperial
>>>measurements, along with a metric measurement for those of us who
>>>have trouble converting:
>>> 8.7 oz (250 ml)
>>Huh? How can you equate a unit of mass with a unit of volume?
Follow this closely, particularly if you're American, and therefore have
funny ideas about Imperial Volumetric Measurements :-)

A (UK) gallon of water (at somewhere close to freezing) weighs 10 lbs.
10 lbs is 160 ozs
Therefore 1 (British) pint of water weighs 20 ozs.
This is the origin of there being 20 (fluid) ozs to the pint.

A pint of water (at least in the UK) is 568 or thereabouts grammes of water.
(SG 1gm/cc at somewhere around 0 deg C) so it occupies around 568 ml.

Therefore 20 (fluid) ozs (which is solely a volumetric measurement except
where water is concerned) equates to 568 ml.

There :-) Simple, and relatively painless, wasn't it?


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