Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

16 Oct 1995 07:27:08 GMT

Mike Fee writes:
> (WAYNE JOHNSON) redefines the world with the

>>>> 60 killometers per hour = 1 killometer per minute.
>>> That is "kilometres".
>> Not in the Americas, or in Europe, except Britain. You're from
>> Zealand? Correct the spelling down there, will you?
>> Get with the rest of the world!
>Sorry Wane, but a "meter" is a large blake bakelite box with a
>number of large knobs, a semicircle of little numbers around the edge
>and a rotating needle which can point at them. Well, OK, these days it
>is probably a small plastic box with an LCD display, but you get the
>Consider also, Whayn; a "metre", and that is exactly how the French
>spell it (they should know), is a thing about 1 650 763.73 times the
>wavelength (in vacuum) of a particular electronic transition in the
>element Krypton. It is also roughly the distance you can run in about
>one tenth of a second.
>Be aware Whein, that "kilo" (derived from the Greek) is the official
>SI unit prefix to denote 1000 units.
>For your information Wain "killo" isn't yet anything - (this of course
>gives you the freedom to define it as you desire, but it is to late to
>patent the term as you have already published it).
>Thus Wayn: "kilometre" is 1000 metres - or about 6/10 miles for the
>metrically challenged; "kilometer" consists of a large number of
>measuring instruments (although I wouldn't be averse to the notion
>that it could be considered as an alternative spelling of the former);
>"killometer" is undefined (as is be atttometer, femmtogram,
>piccosecond, nannovolt, miccrokelvin, miillicandela, cenntimole,
>decciradian, deccasteradian, deccanewton, hecctojoule, meggawatt,
>giggapascal, terracoulomb, pettafarad and exxamaxwell, ...pant, pant,
>pant...) and it is certainly not 1000 of anything.

>Need I say more?

Thass al I nede - sum Enzedd twitt teling MEE hau tu spel.

Murkins kan spel az goode az anybuddy. Ime a perfikt xampl.

Iff yu kan't spel, itz knot MYE problom. I hav bin edicatid bye

I rezent yore emplikashons 2 tha conntrery. Bye tha wae, tha onnly
theng yu speled ryte wuz tha wurrds en tha lastt perigaf.

Yu gise bin aut en tha midl uv tha oshun 2 lawng.

Wine Jensen