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Clay Shirky (
14 Oct 1995 17:05:11 -0400

Whittet UL'ed:

>Prayer call comes five times a day. During the Iraq Iran war soldiers charging
>dug in machine gun positions stopped in mid charge to lay down their prayer
>rugs and pray to Allah. They escaped unscathed because the gunners they faced
>were busy praying also. Inshallah


>A friend who was responsible for instructing Saudi helicopter pilots in
>auto rotation reports that when he turned the engines off and the chopper
>began to drop, they just threw their hands over their faces and began
>praying loudly. Inshallah


>It has been my own experience that Arab auto inspections check that the
>horn works but neglect the brakes. There is no thought of attempting to
>slow down before the inevitable impact. Inshallah


>The road I commuted to work on averaged four fatalities a day.


>A Saudia plane caught fire on its final approach. It was instructed to circle
>because a member of the Royal Family had priority to land. After patiently
>waiting its turn the pilot managed a safe landing. He then led the passangers
>in prayer before allowing anyone to disembark. No one aboard exited the plane
>and all the passangers were asphixiated by the smoke.


>While I was in Saudi a phillipino girl hired as a maid was repeatedly abused
>by every male member of her household.

>Women are not allowed to drive or appear in public, let alone to argue
>with the decisions of a man, but finally she could stand the rapings and
>beatings no longer and fought back, stabbing one of her attackers.

>Her case came to the attention of the local mosque who judged her quilty of
>disobedience and beligerance and promptly beheaded her in a very public
>execution for daring to question the rights of a man.

This one is particularly, since it bears some similarities to a case
currently causing an international incident. Cite?

Clay "cite?" Shirky