Re: oxymoron

Darin R. Molnar (
14 Oct 1995 01:16:46 GMT

Nice try.

Antropologists, or anthropologists, practice social science just as
sociologists, psychologists, or economists do. I hope you posted a similar
message to their respective newsgroups singling out a particular researcher
for criticism.

To be clear: I am suggesting that the works of Ms. Mead are not representative
of all antropologists, or anthropologists.

Knowledge is power, but only if it is applied. Sounds to me like you need to
learn more about the scientific method and how it is used in the social
sciences before you try to apply your knowledge to the pursuit of a judgement
call about a specific discipline within the social sciences.

Try your local library.


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>Sci.antropology? Shouldn't this be in philos.antropology. It
>certaqinly is not what one would consider science, not with Ms. Mead