Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

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14 Oct 1995 19:36:49 GMT

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>>Depends on your average speed ;-)
>>In Europe, you're likely to be driving an average of around 100 km/h on
>>motorways, given reasonable speeds, driving times, roadworks, traffic jams,
>>and stops for petrol. This makes converting distances to driving times quite
>>easy: divide by 100.

The last time I drove metric, the governer had been set at 120,
before it was detached. At that speed you could wander around the back roads
allright, but would get ridden off anything approaching a highway.

In Massachusetts my speedometer usually averages a simple MPH,
once I get out of the city, that converts to dollars per ticket.
> yeah, but our educational system, as sad as it is, teaches our
> kids to use a calculator or do more than move decimal points
> when teaching the tables.
>>Dunno about the US - what do you average, over long distances? 50
>>miles per hour?
> You really need to get out of your cave more often. Say, drive from
> Calif to Colorado and back...about 1350 miles. Average speed in
> excess of 70 mph and i was being passed a good deal of the time.

At 70 MPH you are a road hazard, get out of the way and let people go
by why don't you:)

> Please don't judge the REAL united states by the northeastern
> fact, if you guys in Europe will have them, we'll gladly
> bust off those states and tow them over.

Don't worry about it, the left coast is in the process of separating
as we speak.