Re: Metric Time

Oz (
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 04:30:16 GMT (David C. Wright) wrote:

>> Now could you just do it again in parsecs?
>> Oh, and perhaps the energy consumption in eV/parsec.
>I could in a blink, If I knew what a parsec was. Even the electron-volts
>calculation is meaningless without the definition of a parsec. Since you
>brought it up, please give me the definition of an Electron-volt and a
>parsec (in metric, of course) and I will answer your questions for you. In
>the meantime, I will expect you to produce the results in light-years (in
>imperial, of course), and electron-volts in imperial (assuming such a thing

1pc=30,870 Tm

Me do it in Imperial! Having spent 10 years of my youth
learning it, and another quite a lot UNlearning it,
certainly not. I would leave that to an American.

Actually I am not too enamoured of eV, and parsecs should be
sent permanently off into intracluster space to be lost
until the end of time. Darned pseudo quasi units for aged
scientists, that's what they are. Huff. Pshaw.

'Oz "When I knew little, all was certain. The more I learnt,
the less sure I was. Is this the uncertainty principle?"