Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

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12 Oct 1995 17:55:47 -0700

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>: On Fri, 11 Aug 1995, Helge Moulding wrote:

>: > Why, where in the world are you from that a week starts with a Sunday?

>Actually,both versions are in use. In some European languages names of
>the days are notderived from names of planets,as they are mostly in
>English (Monday - Moon-day, Sunday obvious, Saturday - Saturn- day etc)

Actually Gilbert, most of them are names of ancient mythological
gods and goddesses of the germanic/celtic/latin world, which was
very confused because they tried to identify each others' deities
with their own based on attributes.

Sun and Moon were deities, as were
Tues / german Dienster
Wednes / which planet was that again?
Thurs (Thor)/ Donner

>but they reflect the numerical position of that day in the week.The
>Slavic ponedelnik/ponedilok says "at the head. in front of the week,
>cetverg is the fourt day (Thursday) pyatnica/piontek/pentek is the fifth

>(Friday - in English it is a Free day - why?)

Actually it is not a free day, only in Germanic translitteration.
It is Freya-day after the germanic goddess of the same name

>On the other hand Mittwoch is the Mitte der Woche, the mid of the week,
>which is only true if it starts with Sunday, so the jury is out.

So tell me, where is there a calendar that starts the week on Monday.
If it is all slavic speaking countries, than I should start looking there!
This I need to know because I'm always screwing my crontabs up,
and so if I move to that country that starts the week on Monday,
I can be correct again. Or do they alter the Un*x crontabs for
machines in those countries? How does STMP work there?
Do they then refer to Sunday as the 0th day, and then we can
all work in harmony together!