Re: If god exists, what created god?

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Thu, 12 Oct 1995 07:38:26 GMT

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On 9 Oct 1995, Craig Vance wrote:

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> >>: > I think that there is no real "GOD". Like the title says, I mean
> if there
> >>: > was a god, than who created him/her?
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> >>If God is defined as infinite and eternal, than how COULD anyone have
> >>created Him? The question makes no sense, since God was not created,
> He
> >>simply exists (IMHO).
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> >Nope,
> > It's turtles all the way up, too.
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> >Dean F.
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> >No, I am not an authorized spokesman for Intel.
> I think that God was created after all else in the Universe was
> created. God is a term that is and was used to bring attention to us
> and other forms of this life, aware that there is another life after
> this, if we all are energy then we have another life.
> If there truly was just one God or a number of God's that had any power
> to control, or help others, our world would not be in the mess it is
> today.
> I have a friend who experienced a Near Death, and he was telling me one
> day no one could do an astrological chart on him (he said the same
> thing when it came to a numerology chart). I told him I have the
> program and he warned me not to try to use it on him, because so far
> every computer program has erased or crashed and would refuse all
> further info. So I took the neccessary info and guess what, he was
> right, my program erased. I had him come into the office and I called
> a computer 900# astrolgical number, the same thing happened to them, in
> fact a week later there number was disconnected.
> I didn't give up trying, I called a friend who has numerology on
> computer, she had a little luck but her system failed as well. She
> said that his chart had a lot of 7's, 5's and 3's in his chart but that
> was all she got from it. A friend of hers said she would do a chart by
> hand, she worked on his chart day in and day out, she took time off of
> work, she told her friend that she felt compelled to complete that
> chart, she didn't, eight days into working on the chart, she had a
> massive heart attack and past on.
> Has anyone ever had any similiar experience with anyone? Would anyone
> like to come up with a resonable explaination? It all sounds to weird
> for me but I saw this all happen.??
> Thanks,
> Craig Vance