Re: British Vegetarianism is 8,000 years old?

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> >Well, the story was in British Archaeology, June 1995 -- here are
> >some relevant bits:
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> >The story os headed 'Mesolothic food industry on Colonsay'.
> >
> >"Evidence of large-scale Mesolithic nut processing, some 9,000 years
> >old, has been found on the Hebridean island of Colonsay. It provides an unusal
> >insight into communal activity and forward planning in the period, and
> >raises the intriguing possibility of a Mesolithic community forced by
> >circumstances to become temporary vegetarians.'
> >
> >It goes on to say the pit might 'have been where hazelnuts were roasted and
> >shelled, or where they were stored for later use, or simply a kind of land-
> >fill dump...'
> >The enforced vegetarianism of those on the island may have been because
> >'deer and other large game may not have existed on the isand at the time.'
> >
> I cry FOWL! Why would these avid corpse-eaters, who allegedly had
> to stoop to vegetarianism in your opinion, not eat fowl, small game,
> their dogs and cats, as well as fish, and yes, why not each other?
> After all, they say that humans taste like pork. < especially of late, since
> the porker species were enhanced with the human growth gene>
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I'm quoting British Archaeology, but may not have made it clear. Not
my opinions -- it's the Vegetarian mag that's arguing that this
proves something about vegetarianism. I agree about fish and small

Doug Weller