Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

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12 Oct 1995 16:38:24 GMT

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Thomas Koenig <> wrote:
>In alt.folklore.computers, (Ken Arromdee) wrote:
>>Converting miles and miles per hour to hours is no harder than doing the same
>>for kilometers and kilometers per hour.
>In Europe, you're likely to be driving an average of around 100 km/h on
>motorways, given reasonable speeds, driving times, roadworks, traffic jams,
>and stops for petrol. This makes converting distances to driving times quite
>easy: divide by 100.

What is 100 km/h in mph?

>Dunno about the US - what do you average, over long distances? 50
>miles per hour?

Well, the speed limit on most roads in 55, with some at 45 and others
at 65. 35 and below are for residentials (where travel time doesn't
matter), parking lots &c. So of course on roads we figure on 60 mph
(n-one goes the limit; you _always_ are over). A mile a minute is a
nice measure. If I'm going at 65 I subtract 15 from my time. Not
very scientific, but it gives me an idea at least.

Hoo boy! Our system is accurate to minutes whilst yours is only to
hrs. Heh heh.

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