Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

Cindy Kandolf (
11 Oct 1995 12:00:58 GMT

In article <45cbup$> (Lon Stowell) writes:
> Quick. You are 6 foot 1 inch tall. You have been strapped
> to a pole mounted on a railroad car. The railroad car is
> of the exact height that your feet are now exactly 1 foot
> above the tracks.
> You are approaching a tunnel at roughly 60 MPH. This is enough
> to cause a severe Excedrin headache if you guess wrong as to
> how much clearance you have.
> Would you rather see a sign that gives the clearance in Meters
> or Feet?

Since you can't duck anyway (you're strapped to a pole, remember?),
what's the point of this little exercise?

Of course, even if you could duck, all you've "shown" is that it's
easier to solve a problem when all the measurements given are in one
system. If this was supposed to be a revelation, then i know we have
reason to worry about the state of education today.

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