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11 Oct 1995 11:11:14 -0600

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J. Moore <> wrote:
>My> As may have been pointed out earlier in this thread, the female
>My> "upsucks" the pool of sperm in the upper vagina during female uterine
>My> muscle contractions during her orgasm.
>But of course actual measurements, as opposed to idle speculation,
>demonstrate that uterine contractions during orgasm are explusive
>rather than providing suction.
>There's one of theose "ugly fact" thingies again...

It's always nice to see the calmer, unbiased heads prevail, Jimbo. ;)

Timing counts; when a woman orgasms, relative to when a male does,
determines whether an orgasm is "high sperm retention" or low retention.
(See the literature, for goodness sake: Baker and Bellis 1993. Anim.
Behav., 46: 887-909.)

Interestingly for your assertion, non-orgasmic copulations result in the
greatest flowback (sperm expulsion).

I've regretted requesting citations from you in the past,
but I just have to ask: Please post your refs refuting my above statements.

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