Re: British Vegetarianism is 8,000 years old?
11 Oct 1995 23:49:18 GMT

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> (Stewart Mac Intyre) wrote:
>Well, the story was in British Archaeology, June 1995 -- here are
>some relevant bits:
>The story os headed 'Mesolothic food industry on Colonsay'.
>"Evidence of large-scale Mesolithic nut processing, some 9,000 years
>old, has been found on the Hebridean island of Colonsay. It provides an unusal
>insight into communal activity and forward planning in the period, and
>raises the intriguing possibility of a Mesolithic community forced by
>circumstances to become temporary vegetarians.'
>It goes on to say the pit might 'have been where hazelnuts were roasted and
>shelled, or where they were stored for later use, or simply a kind of land-
>fill dump...'
>The enforced vegetarianism of those on the island may have been because
>'deer and other large game may not have existed on the isand at the time.'
I cry FOWL! Why would these avid corpse-eaters, who allegedly had
to stoop to vegetarianism in your opinion, not eat fowl, small game,
their dogs and cats, as well as fish, and yes, why not each other?
After all, they say that humans taste like pork. < especially of late, since
the porker species were enhanced with the human growth gene>
>Doug Weller

Bon Appetit, mon cheri Doug,