Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

Robert McGee (
10 Oct 1995 19:14:37 GMT

In article <>, Tony Quinn <> says:
>Reams of drivel deleted due to the fact that pints and quarts are used
>as liquid measures and fruit, being solid, is generally sold in pounds and
>ounces. I now understand where all the problems lie when U.S. parents
>don't know which set of units to use for a given item

Look here, limey-- there's no reason to be so snippy. As a matter of
fact, while fruit *is* generally sold by the pound in the U.S., berries
of all kinds are traditionally sold by the pint. (In supermarkets,
fresh berries are usually pre-packaged in cute little pint baskets.)
Now, I'm not certain whether that's dry pints (0.55 l) or liquid pints
(0.47 l), but frankly the only numbers sensible people should worry
about when buying berries or anything else is price-per-unit. | There is only one thing worse than *not* | being talked about, and that is a lime
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