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>Joseph Francis Nebus ( wrote:
>: (ANDREW GRYGUS) writes:

>: >And yet one more of them. The >>>only<<< advantage of the metric
>: >systems is the sliding decimal point for conversions, so the >>>only<<<
>: >thing any of you guys can come up with is obscure conversions that
>: >no-one would ever need to do. Since we have units appropriate to their
>: >use, we seldom need to convert much of anything in day-to-day life.

>Agreed here..........

>: Fine. True story, and among the reasons why I pray for the U.S.
>: to get some sense and go metric:

>: My parents were having friends over and were making snacks. They
>: sent me out to find a suitable roadside farm stand (we do live in the
>: Garden State, of course) and purchase one pint of strawberries and one
>: quart of raspberries.

>Reams of drivel deleted due to the fact that pints and quarts are used
>as liquid measures and fruit, being solid, is generally sold in pounds and
>ounces. I now understand where all the problems lie when U.S. parents
>don't know which set of units to use for a given item. Or did they expect
>you to get a 20oz glass and cram strawberries in untuil there was no air
>space. Sheesh... No wonder some Herns want metrication.

Unfortunately for your point, berries are generally sold in pints and quarts,
at least in the US.

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