Re: Anthropology and Religion

Robert Wiegand (
10 Oct 95 14:48:00 GMT

"William F. Blocher" <> wrote:

>What Will You Do? by Harold Kasper

>are you trying to define the meaning of life
>with the direction your thoughts have taken?

Life has no meaning beyond what we give it.

>is your starting point a valid premise;
>or have you begun by being mistaken?

I believe my starting point is valid.

>have you researched the credentials of your teachers;
>have you truly considered the source
>of all the ideas which have influenced you
>to choose your particular course?

Yes I have. Have you?

>do you believe in the nothingness
>at the core of the evolutionary tale;
>or have you never peeled away the data
>to confront the true horror such beliefs entail?

Any horror is the product of your own mind.

>have you just tucked away a piece here and there
>in order to unleash self-control;
>are you using evolution to expand the happiness pursuit
>without acknowledging the death of your soul?

No, I just am acknowleging that which is true rather than hiding from it.

>and have you taken those bits and pieces
>to concoct a mixture that serves you best;
>while rejecting and ignoring those ingredients
>which would scare you half to death?

No. Have you? You asre the one who seems to be "scared half to death"
by the idea of evolution.

>and do you close your eyes or rationalize
>those portions which your beliefs ignore;
>by simply creating your own reality
>about what the meaning of life is for?

No I don't close my eyes, but yours seem pretty firmly shut.

>are you a believer in a creatorless creation


>do you temper that view with this:
>everyone has a right to create god in his or her own image! --
>do you really think like this?

Everyone has a right to do whatever they want as long as they don't
bother anyone else.

>is god something you choose to create?

God is something I choose *not* to create.

>can that god be recreated any time?
>or can your god simply be discarded
>by simply changing your mind?

No, he can be discarded by *using* my mind.

>but when the forum is empty,
>and you are quite alone;
>and death is knocking at your door,
>and there's no more growing to be grown;
>what is it you will draw upon?
>what will alleviate your anxiety and fear?
>what will your thoughts entertain then;
>when it is your time to depart from here?
>will you cling to a collection of crystals;
>or place your hope in an astrological sign?
>will you reach for Darwin's "Origin of Species"
>or Freud's analysis of your mind?
>will Marx or sociobiology
>console you while you're passing on?
>from where will you draw your comfort
>when it is time for you to be gone?

I would rather face death then cling to a comforting fantasy.
Death isn't nice, but that's reality.

>perhaps you'll tear through life's clutter,
>and let go of all those lies
>born of ego, pride and vanity
>from which all woes and troubles rise;

Many of my truoubles rise from people like you who can't face reality.

>and perhaps you'll finally humble yourself
>before all is truly lost;
>and reach out to the One who can save you --
>The Christ who was nailed to the Cross.
>or perhaps you'll just go along
>putting it off for another day,
>betting on the proposition
>that you'll have time to consider that way;
>but are you really that sure and certain
>that you'll always have time to choose?
>can you really afford to be patient
>before considering God's Good News?

I'm not waiting to consider it, I've already done it.
I considered it and rejected it as not being real.

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