Re: If god exists, what created god?

Jed Whitten (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 17:31:27 -0700

On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Adam Felson wrote:

> In article <45a8n3$> you wrote:
> : : On 24 Jul 1995, OuterNet43 wrote:
> : : > I think that there is no real "GOD". Like the title says, I mean if there
> : : > was a god, than who created him/her?
> : If God is defined as infinite and eternal, than how COULD anyone have
> : created Him? The question makes no sense, since God was not created, He
> : simply exists (IMHO).
> only in the mind of brain washed believers.

Keep your bigotry to yourself if you don't mind. If you don't believe,
that is your right, but please keep your religious prejudice out of the
debate. My point was based on logic, not belief: given the common
definition of God, the original argument (who created God) is nonsense.
Whether or not God does actually exist is beside the point.

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