Re: Metric Time

Oz (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 08:07:12 GMT (David C. Wright) wrote:

>(For the yanks out there, the thing is gurgling roughly six gallons a
>mile. I haven't used the american imperial system for over ten years, so
>my figures are, perforce, a bit rough. What is it? 35.73 ml to an
>american ounce? 12 ounces to a quart? Then there are, of course, four
>quarts in a gallon. And what, 2.54 centimeters to an inch? Then there are
>12 inches to a foot, three feet to a yard, and some 1500 and change yards
>in a mile?)

>Personally, I like the 15 Liters/Kilometer figure, resulting in a total
>consumption for the given trip of 457.5 liters (I don't even want to guess
>at what it would be in imperial). It was a bit dicey for about two years
>after Canada changed to metric, but I don't think anybody will *ever* want
>to go back. I find it amusing that, after Americans threw off most things
>British, they still cling to the Imperial system of weights and measures
>like it was a life-raft. Sooo difficult. I'm amazed they still don't use
>Chains and Furlongs (oops - they still do, don't they?).

Very good.

Now could you just do it again in parsecs?
Oh, and perhaps the energy consumption in eV/parsec.

Then you really *will* be talking.
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