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>Every once in a while you come across something that is worth sharing. The
>following poem was written by a friend of mine with the help of the Holy Spirit.
>He has given me permission to publish it on the Internet. You are welcome to copy
>it, but please give credit to the author. As a scientist who was caught up in
>these issues, his message speaks to me. I hope it will raise questions in your

It sure does.

>What Will You Do? by Harold Kasper

>are you trying to define the meaning of life
>with the direction your thoughts have taken?
>is your starting point a valid premise;
>or have you begun by being mistaken?
>have you researched the credentials of your teachers;
>have you truly considered the source
>of all the ideas which have influenced you
>to choose your particular course?

Back at you.

>do you believe in the nothingness
>at the core of the evolutionary tale;
>or have you never peeled away the data
>to confront the true horror such beliefs entail?
>have you just tucked away a piece here and there
>in order to unleash self-control;
>are you using evolution to expand the happiness pursuit
>without acknowledging the death of your soul?

The core of the "evolutionary tale" is up for interpretation. YOU can
find nothingness and horror there -- if it suits your agenda. I

>and have you taken those bits and pieces
>to concoct a mixture that serves you best;
>while rejecting and ignoring those ingredients
>which would scare you half to death?
>and do you close your eyes or rationalize
>those portions which your beliefs ignore;
>by simply creating your own reality
>about what the meaning of life is for?

People HAVE latched onto evolutionary theory to justify immoral
actions. Look at social Darwinism beginning in the 1800's or the
currently popular sociobiology. I don't think your religion really
provides an antidote, however. Christianity's evil-driven sinner and
sociobiology's biology-driven brute are two peas in a pod. I don't
accept either.

>are you a believer in a creatorless creation
>do you temper that view with this:
>everyone has a right to create god in his or her own image! --
>do you really think like this?
>is god something you choose to create?
>can that god be recreated any time?
>or can your god simply be discarded
>by simply changing your mind?

Shouldn't that be a capital 'g'? We are talking about YOUR god,
aren't we?

>but when the forum is empty,
>and you are quite alone;
>and death is knocking at your door,
>and there's no more growing to be grown;
>what is it you will draw upon?
>what will alleviate your anxiety and fear?
>what will your thoughts entertain then;
>when it is your time to depart from here?

You don't depart. You die. I really don't see what the big deal is.
I'll probably be thinking "Ouch -- this hurts," or, if I'm lucky,
maybe about a nice glass of Tang, as I used to have in my childhood.
Or maybe I'll think about a good life strived for.

>will you cling to a collection of crystals;
>or place your hope in an astrological sign?
>will you reach for Darwin's "Origin of Species"
>or Freud's analysis of your mind?
>will Marx or sociobiology
>console you while you're passing on?
>from where will you draw your comfort
>when it is time for you to be gone?

I'll cling to delusions of omnipotent, old, bearded white men in the
sky, and the idea that I and those I affiliate with alone hold the key
to salvation and a moral existence, and everyone else is going to
hell. How's that?

>perhaps you'll tear through life's clutter,
>and let go of all those lies
>born of ego, pride and vanity
>from which all woes and troubles rise;
>and perhaps you'll finally humble yourself
>before all is truly lost;
>and reach out to the One who can save you --
>The Christ who was nailed to the Cross.

Ego, pride and vanity? Sounds like a good description of Pat
Robertson, or, for that matter, most evangelical Christians. By the
way -- I don't need saving. I'm not a sinner. I don't plan on
becoming one.

>or perhaps you'll just go along
>putting it off for another day,
>betting on the proposition
>that you'll have time to consider that way;
>but are you really that sure and certain
>that you'll always have time to choose?
>can you really afford to be patient
>before considering God's Good News?

Act Now, Sinners! Get your Salvation here! --Limited time offer--.

At least you got in the capital 'G'. I was worried for the safety of
your soul.

You can believe what you want to. However, I think it's arrogant to
presume that you hold a corner on morality. But hey -- that's
Christianity. Crusade anyone?

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