Re: If god exists, what created god?

William H. Mook, Jr. (wm0@s1.GANet.NET)
10 Oct 1995 03:34:35 GMT

A few billion years ago, life did not exist on Earth.
A few hundred million years ago, multicellular organisms didn't exist.
A few million years ago, intelligence did not exist on Earth.
A few thousand years ago, technology did not exist on Earth.
A few hundred years ago, advanced technology did not exist on Earth.
A few decades ago, computers did not exist on Earth..

Entropy increases throughout the universe. Yet, a countervaling trend
toward greater and greater organization seems to be occuring, at least on

Assuming there's nothing special about Earth particularly, we might
conclude that this trend toward greater and greater apparent complexity,
is ongoing in other parts of the cosmos.

If so, ever larger organisms are possible with capabilities beyond
smaller organisms.

Chemistry begets cells.
Cells beget organisms
Organisms beget brains
Brains beget tools
Tools beget societies of creatures?
Societies beget???

There are billions of years ahead of us.

What might continuing evolution eventually produce in the universe?

Would it have capabilities we as inviduals might equate with what is
popularly termed God?

Some scientists have suggested time travel might be a real physical

If so, it doesn't matter when God is born. Because God is not
constrained by time or causality.

This in a nutshell is sort of the philosophy that Frank Tipler recounts