Help on Polynesian societies

Philip Matthew Bronstad (
9 Oct 1995 19:38:24 GMT

I am working on a cross-cultural project, but have recently had
some problems trying to locate a few resources. The Standard Cross
Cultural Sample requires quite a bit of library research, and mentions
specific ethnographers. This is fine, but there are a couple of obscure
(to me) names. If anyone has any idea who these people are, or what
journal published their work, please e-mail me. Any suggestion is

Pentecost ("the village of Bunlap and neighboring inter-
marrying pagan villages in southeastern Pentecost island")
suggested ethnography by R&B Lane

Mbau Fijians ("The island of Mbau off the east coast of
Viti Levu")
suggested ethnography by Tonganivalu
or Waterhouse

Thanks again

Matt Bronstad