Re: Male Virginity

Michael Nakis (
8 Oct 1995 08:48:09 GMT

Still no replies. :-(

In <452eoq$> (David Stites) writes:
>I think you should quit posting every day. your old posts are still
>there you know.
>David Stites

Sorry, David. I will keep that in mind.

Anyway, so far I have received one reply in which I am advised that
apparently NOBODY has heard of such a concept and that it sounds more
like a subject for an anatomy newsgroup.

Well, I do not know of any anatomy newsgroup!

(Besides, I think that anthropology is a lot more noble as a science than
anatomy, so I would rather deal with anthropologists than anatomists.)

In any case, even if the subject is not of interest to anthropologists in
a direct way, it should at least be of interest in an indirect way, since
within this subject lies the only explanation to the ritual of
circumcision that I have ever heard of which actually holds water.

I think I will keep posting my inquiry for a while before I can proclaim
it to be an original theory of mine and go ahead to entertain you people
with a full explanation.

Please bear with me.

Michael Nakis.

In case someone does not know what this is all about, here is yet one
more repost of my original inquiry: (Michael Nakis ) wrote:

Is there anybody out there who has ever heard of such a thing as MALE
VIRGINITY? If you know or suspect anything about this function in the
context of males, please respond.

I speak of Male Virginity in terms very similar to those by which we
usually speak of Female Virginity:

A hymen (membranous fold of tissue) which constitutes an obstacle to
copulation and which is inevitably torn at the first (or one of the
first) occurences of copulation, resulting in a certain amount of

I am all ears...