Re: British Vegetarianism is 8,000 years old?

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10 Oct 1995 00:59:21 GMT (Stewart Mac Intyre) wrote:
>I came across this over the weekend. It posses some interesting
>questions to archaeology and anthropology. I would be interested to
>hear other people views on the finds and deductions! Has any other
>sites been found in the UK or World Wide of similar age and social
>British Vegetarianism is 8,000 years old?
>'Archaeologists on the Hebridean Island of Colonsay have found
>conclusive evidence of what they believe to be the earliest British
>community of vegetarians. In a shallow, circular pit, the
>archaeologists found the remains of thousands of roasted hazelnuts.
>There was a noticeable absence of animal bones or fish remains. The
>pit has been dated to the Mesolithic period, 8,000 years ago. The
>complete lack of animal remains has convinced experts that Colonsay
>vegetarians lived exclusively on the foods they gleaned from local

I suppose the first hand proof might be more convincing, but a pit full of
hazelnut bits doesn't equal vegetarianism in my book...are these
archaeologists suggesting that the people subsisted on a diet of
hazelnuts? In my opinion, there needs to be more evidence...