Re: U.S. hate group attacks anthropologists

Ethan Vishniac (
5 Oct 1995 13:02:37 GMT

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Joel and Lynn GAzis-SAx <> wrote:
>One wonders if they have started to skip the teaching of statistics in the
>sciences if a modern-day physicist can throw out Boas' quantitative findings
>so casually and go back to an earlier dark age.

No, they haven't.

On the other hand, the person responsible for founding this organization
included a description of what would happen to the faculty of USC and
UCLA when his group took over. (Excerpts from the book were printed
in the NYTimes over the summer.) I would guess that he doesn't regard
his fellow academics, including physicists, with warm and fuzzy feelings.

Not that it makes any difference to me. I'm already in line for the
gas chambers as far as he's concerned.

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