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Peter Metcalfe (
5 Oct 95 17:08:45 +1200

In article, "Marty G. Price" <mprice@Ra.MsState.Edu> writes:
: On 4 Oct 1995, Peter Metcalfe wrote:
:: :: ^^^^^
:: :: Direct lie. No "cities on demand." No cities---rural Nevada.
:: ::
:: He said 'cites on demand', NOT 'cities on demand', ie if you asked him
:: for a cite (shorthand for CITATION) for his statement, he would give
:: you one! Somehow I think remedial reading lessons are in order...
: To Mr. Metcalf only: "Cite" is not a noun meaning "citation."

No shit, sherlock, did I ever say it was? I said it was SHORTHAND for
citation. Look at it again. '..cite (shorthand for CITATION)...'. In
case you didn't understand what I wrote above, I implied that 'cites' was
_slang_ for citation. Comprehendez-vous?

: It is not
: a noun at all. Go buy a dictionary before you shout crap about "remedial
: reading."

I think the remedial reading lessons are still required considering the
evidence above. Either that or hefty doses of humble pie so you don't
post like an obnoxious moron in the future. Talk about shooting the

: Now, to the point at issue: sorry, Joseph, I misread. Subconsciously
: turned "cites" into a word. No one spells on this thing, and I guess
: subconscious "corrections" have become automatic.

Joeseph did not misspell. Cites is the accepted spelling for the slang.
YOU were the one who misspelt turning 'cites' into 'cities' and
accordingly misparsed by a country mile (oops, one of them tricky words

:[irrelevant material by dimwit]

--Peter Metcalfe