GOD Lives

Paul Daniell (planck@ix.netcom.com)
5 Oct 1995 23:58:18 GMT

Have you ever met a tribe that doesn't believe in some type of God(s).
Through whatever journeys we have taken as the human race we have never
really forgotten about God. This is because Jesus Christ has put a void
into our hearts for him. People have tried to fill that void but always
failed. If you are lonely, hurt, or afraid the one sovereign and solid
power that exists in our universe is Jesus Christ, God and savior.
Whatever problem you may have -- Jesus can fix.
If you scientists need a example our there check this out:
The accuracy of any measurement or dimension in always infinite. We can
never really find the actual weight of an object or the length of one
of its dimensions. The world we live in includes four dimensions if you
include time as one, if not three. In any case we have found a limit to
our dimension. Let's suppose we have two 2 dimensional figures whose
names are Mr. and Mrs. Flat. They can barely see each other but not us
who are looking at them. In this way God must exist in a upper
dimension looking down upon us even though we can't see him. When
thinking about us have some humility -- humans have always thought of
themselves as the last, the best, and the antecedent. Remember there is
a God watching. q=]