Re: Evolutionary purpose of female orgasm.

Mike (
4 Oct 1995 15:34:57 GMT

Surely this is a silly question. Aren't people who enjoy sex more likely
to engage in it, and therefore (prior to effective birth control methods)
more likely to get pregnant? Aren't women who orgasm more fun to be with
than women who don't, and therefore more attractive? And isn't it true
that due to structural realities women find it easier to continue sex
after orgasm than men do? (You men out there who tend to be a little
faster than your partners -- remember you've *got* other, more durable,
body parts). As for who a woman's more likely to orgasm with -- that
more cultural and psychological than physiological.
I think this is a debate because we like to talk about it, not because
there's any real question about the female orgasm's evolutionary utility!

I see, looking up at the top of the screen, that I accidentally got on
under my husband's name. In this instance, it shouldn't be a problem.
This is the sort of topic we're likely to agree on -- but don't for
heaven's sake send him any mail!
Peni G