Need quote on J.Jaynes' ORGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS...

William Albert Davis (
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 05:36:23 GMT

I'm trying to help someone locate the source of a quote about THE ORGIN
OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BICARMEL MIND, by Julian Jaynes. The quote said
something to the effect that the book was one of the most important books
of the twentieth century. I used to have the book, and thought it was on
the dustcover or in a book catalog, and thought the source might've been
Ashley Montagu, Desmond Morris, Lewis Mumford, or Carl Sagan, whose
DRAGONS OF EDEN was popular about the same time. Someone who has a copy
says it doesn't have such a quote on the dustcover. If anyone can pin
this down for me, please drop me a message at


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