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Wed, 4 Oct 1995 22:55:16 GMT

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>> On Sun, 1 Oct 1995, Joseph Askew wrote:

>> > Except of course the areas down wind of the US nuclear test
>> > sites have the lowest cancer rates in the country. Cites on

>> Direct lie. No "cities on demand." No cities---rural Nevada.

>Follow-up on my own statement:
>No significant cities immediately downwind of the test site. Not even

Clever people will note that the word "cities" never appeared
once in my post and poor Mr Price is playing with himself.

>our *government* is run by people dumb enough to deliberately irradiate
>their own major cities. In long range terms, vast areas of the U.S. were
>crossed by "more than one nuclear cloud from aboveground detonations":
>too much area to provide even a defined "downwind."


>The book, I mentioned above, is Carole Gallagher's _American Ground Zero_.
>Anecdotal accounts from rural Nevada and Utah, to remind the blind among
>us that real live human beings suffer from our callous or ignorant decisions.

Anecdotal evidence. A bunch of stories from hicks looking
for compensation. Now look at the real evidence. The figures
for cancers in the states of Nevada for instance. The areas
down wind of the test sites have the lowest cancer rates in

>Is Enterprise, Utah, on the alleged list above? To quote Gallagher's
>book, "Enterprise, Utah, a community downwind of the Nevada Test Site
>where birth defects and deaths from cancer began to soar in the late

Then she will be able to quote some figures for this then
won't she? She won't ? What a surprise.