Male Virginity

Michael Nakis (
3 Oct 1995 05:27:07 GMT

Ok, David, (,) thank you for pointing this aspect to me;
let me re-state my inquiry:

I am trying to find out whether there is anybody out there who has ever
heard of such a thing as MALE VIRGINITY. If you know anything about this
function in the context of males, *PLEASE* respond to this thread.

I speak of Male Virginity in terms very similar to those by which we
usually speak of Female Virginity:

A hymen (membranous fold of tissue) which constitutes an obstacle to
copulation and which is inevitably torn at the first (or one of the
first) occurences of copulation, resulting in a certain amount of

I am still listening...

By the way, for those of you out there who have perverted minds:
I am NOT talking about any... anal hymens here!