Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

William H. Mook, Jr. (wm0@s1.GANet.NET)
3 Oct 1995 03:30:13 GMT

The science fiction writer popularly known as Issac Asimov proposed a
system of 13 months as a more rational approach to calenders. If I
recall properly he proposed numbering the months from 1 through 13 (or 0
through 12 for triscadecaphobes) each month 28 days long. There would be
seven days in a week numbered one through seven, and four weeks in a
month, numbered 1 through 4 (if anyone cared).

This produces 364 days. The extra day at the end of the year he proposed
calling 'Year Day'. Year day would be unique in that it wouldn't have a
day of the week assigned to it. It might be called day 0.

The cool part of this idea is that you wouldn't need new calendars every
month. The same calendar would serve forever.

What about leap years? You'd have two earth days every four years.
You'd also have extra seconds, hours, minutes, etc., added at this time
as well.