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Mon, 2 Oct 1995 23:12:02 GMT

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>>|Cancer is a disease of highly advanced societies -- because in less
>>|advanced societies, hardly anyone lives long enough to contract it.
>>This does not explain an escalated rate of CHILDHOOD leukemia and other
>>cancers, such as has occurred in areas near the Nevada nuclear test sites,
>>several nuclear materials-processing plants, and some toxic waste sites.
>Except of course the areas down wind of the US nuclear test
>sites have the lowest cancer rates in the country. Cites on
>demand. What is more while whining about cancer you have not
>exactly leapt to admit that childhood leukemia is one of the
>great success stories of modern medicine. While people still
>die of it (especially if not caught in time) it is curable in
>the vast majority of cases these days.

Except of course that cancer is NEVER cured. Why do you think it's called
remission when chemotherapy takes hold? because the cancer can spring
back and as active as ever unexpectedly. I suggest cracking a first year
Bio book before you make such sweeping statements.


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