Re: Life Duty Death

Joseph Askew (
Sun, 1 Oct 1995 22:37:29 GMT

In article <> (mark) writes:

>> >What does your question have to do with the previous question? I have
>> >heard that Lake Baikal is nearly collapsed, ecologically speaking.

>> Lake Baikal isn't by the way. Not to worry. The relevance is

>Isn't what?

Nearly ecologically collapsed. Reading is fun isn't it.

>> Perhaps you don't think that killing 20 million people is evil?

>1) I have heard a *lot* of variations on that number bandied about. Almost
> as many as 9M (for those here on a.p)...I'd say that the number
> is still unsettled.

And there is a significant difference evil-wise between killing
9 million and 20? Above a certain level of mass murder the real
difference is statistical not moral and if you think otherwise
then I feel sorry for you.

>2) More importantly, how many million have they killed in Great Britain,
> or Sweden? Y'know, *both* of those have been socialist economies, to
> a greater or lesser degree. You have the misguided idea that what
> they had in the USSR was the purest form of socialism...which is about
> on par with thinking that the Chilean dictatorship under Pinochet
> was the purest form of capitalism.

Save your preaching for someone who cares. We were not even
discussing socialist countries but the USSR. Which I assume
intellectual retards such as yourself do not count as properly
socialist. I have no misguided ideas, you just cannot master
the most basic reading skills.

>> And the relevance of this is? Real wages have gone up in
>> America by 65% since 1969. Deal with the real world. In

>Say *what*? Sorry, but real wages have been going *down* since 1976,
>which was when, in adjusted dollars, the US had its highest standard
>of living.

No they have not. There has been a slight drop in the last
few years but that is all. As I have said repeatedly it is
impossible for average real wages to drop in a growing
economy in the long run. Nor does your claim necessarily
contradict mine.

>Hell, even in *non*-adjusted dollars, the everage income
>in the US has dropped by several k$ in the last three years. I've heard
>this on the news, as being from the OMB, from the Treasury Dept, and
>from private studies. Where do you get your evidence?

This you are making up or have failed to hear properly.
Fantasy in fact. Several *thousand* dollars? Yeah right.
Let's see your source.

>Enjoy being the victim of the folks making you poor, do you? Ol' Newt
>loves ya, baby.

No I hate being the victim of Greens and bureaucrats.