Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)
Sun, 1 Oct 95 00:28:02 -0500

the jewish calendar, which perportedly is the most accurate calendar contains
1months in the leap year. I personally would like to see a calenday set up
digitally, with each month having the same amound of days and the year starting
with the jewish dating

the jewish datingf 5756 for the current year, 2000, though the commonly used
date for international commerce is based upon the christian callendar and is
not accurate even then. many centuries ago an error was discovered and the pope
at the time decided to
leave well enough alone. I have a preference for Jewish dating as it is my
tradition, though I am certain that there are other cultures which would have
their own particular predjudices toward the number of the year.