Re: Fossil evidence

Shawn Roske (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 18:04:44 GMT

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hufos ( wrote:

> {{nnected Ronnie.

> Hello. This is Ronnie Dobbs of the Hastings UFO Society channeling to you by
> way of Madame Thelma on the Psychic CB Channel Number 22, lower sideband, from
> an undisclosed location.

> We would like to followup on the following:

[Content deleted as not pertaining to this follow-up]
[But, it's writen in a Very Cool Way.]

> This concludes our followup.

> Thank You.

> Ronnie Dobbs
> President
> Hastings UFO Society

Dear Ronnie Dobbs,

Please forgive my intrusion into your discussion, but
I simply must comment on your style of script. I like it. Clearly, a
Great Deal of Thought went into creating this artistic design of
dialogue. I applaude your efforts. Bravo.

I wonder if you would mind if I borrowed your creation
some time in my own posts. Certainly, the style is very provocative.
It is a reflection of my appreciation of your skill that I politely
seek your permission to mimic your writting technique, and I realize the
irrelevance of this request.



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