Re: Race, Science, & Political Correctness

Toby Cockcroft (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 04:13:23 -0400

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>Toby Cockcroft wrote:
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>> > Who the hell gave a race traitor like you the vote?

>> You and others like you have defined "white" race and "white" culture and
>> by YOUR definition I fall into that category. That is what gives me the
>> right.

> I don't get bogged down in sophism with PC clones. When you
>say there is no white race, you are tacitly admitting that you are
>interested in immigration and integration in ALL white Majority
>countries, and ONLY in white majority countries. The only way you can
>claim this pattern is not genocide is to say there is no white race.
> I don't get drawn into this definitional sophism. I
>concentrate on
>the admission behind it.

Please define the "white" race for me and then explain how I am not a
member of this "race". Untill you prove that I am not a member of the
"white" race I'll just keep on posting.